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Halloween is my favorite holiday and autumn's my favorite season. I love everything that embodies Halloween, the chance to dress up and be someone else for the night, the weather, the decorations, the food, all of it.

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DIY Zomibe Nails Tutorial from Beauty Lab here. Love these nails because most of the ones I’ve seen (and posted) use acrylic nails and these nails don’t. Also these nails do not require any special supplies.




DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bracelets. Most of the time toilet paper rolls crafted into something else look like toilet paper rolls crafted into something else. The top photo is a toilet paper roll covered with tin foil and is labeled “hammered metal look cuff”. The Bottom Photo is awesome. It is an awesome super hero glam cuff that has no pretensions of being grownup jewelry.

rainbowsandunicornscrafts: these would both make cute kids’ bracelets. 

halloweencrafts: rebloging for cosplay and Halloween.


DIY Spider and Mardi Gras Sunglasses Tutorials from Trinkets in Bloom here.


DIY Halloween Pop Up Skull Card or Invitation Printable from minieco here. 

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Thought I may as well post the actual video on here!

This is the first of many special Halloween makeup tutorials I’ll be posting this month. I was incredibly inspired by the response I got on my last video. It was really personal and I was terrified and anxious to post it. I wasn’t sure how you would react. Hell, I didn’t know how I felt about it either! It was like once I put it out into the world, it became real. But a good real. Talking about what I was going through on a forum as open and real as the internet was scary, but oddly freeing. It was like a weight was lifted off of me and I could start to heal. I’m still pretty…. not good most of the time. But I wanted to thank you all for your support. You’re my friends and I’m lucky to have you.
This is my love letter to you. I’m going to work hard and make you all proud! 

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